Legionella -- The basics

Legionnaires' disease is a serious pneumonic infection caused by inhaling the bacteria Legionella pneumophilia or other Legionalla species. This bacterium is frequently found in domestic, hotel, and other water systems and in water used for air condition or air cooling systems.

Disease symptoms

The symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease can begin any time from two to 19 days after exposure to the initial infection. However, six to seven days is the most common time between getting the infection and the onset of symptoms (incubation period).

Disease spread

Transmission and spread of the Legionella bacteria occurs in aerosols - this is an aquatic bacterium that survives best in warm water or in very moist warm environments.

Waterborne disease could cost over $500 millions annualy in the US

Hospitalizations for three common waterborne diseases cost the health care system as much as $539 million annually, according to research presented at the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases.

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