Spoldosan is a tool that prevents water spray from forming in the shower environment. Preventive function against bacteria such as legionella, bacteria pseudomonas, mycobacterium avium and endotoxins.

Easy to mount

It is very easy to mount Spoldosan and you can therefore make sure you have Spoldosan's shower handle holder within comfortable reach in the shower area.

Easy to install

Spoldosan is easy to mount on the wall and easy to disassemble for cleaning. No special tools needed.

Easy to use

Spoldosan is easy to use for anybody - healthcare providers, elderly, or disabled. Download a Swedish or English product broschure.

Welcome to Torso Innovation

Birgitta Olsson, internationally acclaimed inventor, managing director of Torso Innovation, and a nurse, has invented Spoldosan - a unique product that not only prevents the spread of legionella bacteria but is also a Class I Medical Device for the elderly and disabled.

The Company's principal activity is to carry out innovations, consultations in innovation and prototyping, development and production primarily in medical technology.


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